New Shack and Antennae

About three years ago, I lost the room my radios were set up in to the need to move children around (we had two more 4 and 5 years ago), so for the longest time my radios have been collecting dust in a corner of the closet, with the exception of the occasional mobile operation. Last year we converted our storage room into another bedroom for my older son with the caveat that I could build my shack in there. Well, it has taken a while to actually get the shack set up, partly because I needed to figure out my antennas. I have been trying to get the funds together to set up my tower (I have the tower itself, just not all the rest of the parts) but need to get the blessing of the city which involves some engineering documents and approvals etc. Well, to make a long story short, it is out of the budget for the foreseeable future. Instead I hatched a scheme to get my G5RV mounted more or less permanently. Here is what I ended up doing:

I had to do some house surgery as well

So far I have been able to get out on 40m pretty well. Let’s see how it goes on the rest of the bands.